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Anger is the strong emotion that you feel when you think that someone has behaved in an unfair, cruel, or unacceptable way. ›

Is being angry a sin, the answer of course a resounding no. Is just like asking is having money a sin, I hope the answer is obvious, the work of the ministry of Our Lord Jesus and the spread of the gospel requires resources. Again, God wants to bless his children both spiritually and materially, tones of evidence in the scripture. Matthew 6:33, Luke 6:38, Ephesians 3:20, Jeremiah 29:11, Malachi 3:10

So, the real question about anger is not, if it is a sin. Is what make you angry? Sin, self-ego, having very thin skin, everybody must recognize me, feeding into your insecurity or anger is part of my family heritage and culture.

Does anger possess you? OR do you put anger in its place and finish with it and insisting that anger must only be used correctly and only against sin.

The only way God allows the citizens of heaven to use anger is against SIN. Even at that, the scripture says in Ephesians 4:26 - Be ye angry, and sin not: let not the sun go down upon your wrath: Which means anger needs to be dealt with and be resolved immediately in the context of sin and not do carry it over or prolong it.

Do you know why the scripture talks about the urgency of dealing with anger “let not the sun go down upon your wrath”. The spirit of anger is like an open door or leader or a foothold that invites other unwanted evil spirits to enter and operate in one’s body.

Anger is like a revolving door, when not dealt with immediately it leads to bitterness and bitterness begets unforgiveness and unforgiveness begets resentment and resentment leads to death.

Anger is a spiritual cancer that will strip you off your citizenship to heaven. The Scripture calls an angry man a fool. As I go through the pages of the bible, is evident that God wants his children to have knowledge, understanding, wisdom (be wise) and self-control, then the spirit of anger will not find room for expression in your life. Read Proverbs chapter 8 using King James version if possible.

The dangers of prolonging anger

Kills our joySteals our peaceDestroys our healthA foothold that can turn quickly into a strongholdAnger steals our heavenly citizenship.

Join FCPB to pray the Scripture back to God on anger.

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